Blue Balls Festival 2012

VJ Carrie Gates Audiovisual Show at the Blue Balls Festival in Luzerne, Switzerland, 2012

Urs Leirier from the Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, commissioned me to create a seven hour HD audiovisual mix. The video was looped for the entire duration of the week-long festival  in the open-air rooftop Video Lounge in the KKL. This respected jazz festival was celebrating not only it’s 20th anniversary, but also the attendance of over 100 000 people. I commissioned DJs to create custom mixes for me to use in the project, including Sarah AdorableDreamaniacCheeky, Helium 3, DJ Mehta, and Dr. J.

The building and festival were out-of-this-world beautiful. The lake around the mountains came through the centre of town and through the building that we were in.  The countryside around the Alps is ridiculously naturally cute and rounded and very lush.

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