Kisik Acimowina - By Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Michael Red, 2013

Kisik Acimowina

Video by Carrie Gates

Illustrations by Jason Baerg

Sound by Michael Red


Kisik Acimowina (translated most often as Sky Story in Cree)

Kisik Acimowina is an experimental collaborative multimedia piece created for exhibition purposes by New Media Artists Carrie Gates, Jason Baerg, and Music Composer, Michael Red. The work explores a time-collapsing journey in our land, from the perspective of a single traveller inside an ever-evolving land and sky scape.

Red’s music was inspired by the image of the calling of a rattle and an outdoor fire, while the digital drawings by Baerg are abstractions inspired by Cree cosmologies. Gates then used sound-reactive animation and experimental motion graphics techniques to bring the abstractions to life alongside the music.

This piece is the first collaboration in a larger project between Gates, Baerg, and Red. Spread across Canada, the artists created this piece remotely from one another, and they are looking forward to developing this storyworld in more detail with an upcoming project that includes a longer, live performance version of this material.

Please contact Carrie Gates if you would like to enquire about screenings or live performances of this work.

Kisik Acimowina in the Young Internet Based Artists Pavilion at The Wrong Digital Art Biennale

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