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Rave History

It is incredibly important for subcultures to be in charge of recording and presenting their own history in order for it to be recorded accurately to represent culture from the voices of the people within it.

Since I started raving in 1994, I have been very interested in how the history of rave culture has been recorded and presented. In particular, I am interested in the history of the Saskatchewan and Canadian Prairie rave scene and how little information there is on the internet about what a rich, explosive, mind-blowing culture was nurtured here. Most of the things I can find online about the early days are not written from the perspective of people that were actually part of the culture, so those sources are not an accurate representation of who we were and what was really going on. I’d like to change that.

I’m just getting started pulling together the archives that I’ve been collecting over the years to present here on this webpage. Eventually, I hope to create a dedicated website to celebrate our culture, complete with interviews, photos, videos, and lots of scans of our flyers and posters from events.

If you have ideas for contributions you would like to make, or ideas for how the independent website project could be funded, please get in touch with me! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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Rave Posters and Flyers

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