The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale is an international exhibition of internet influenced artwork from 500+ artists. The event takes place every two years and includes both online web pavilions (each hosted by a curator) and physical exhibitions in galleries around the world.

The next edition of The Wrong will be taking place in the winter of 2019 /2020.

If you would like to get involved or just keep an eye on the fabulous happenings about to take place, please visit the official website for The Wrong at

The Wrong – 2015 / 2016

For the 2015/2016 edition of The Wrong, I created the Net Art Ipsum project along with Lennie Budgell as part of one of the the biennale pavilions called The Others, which was curated by Benoit Palop.

Net Art Ipsum is a lorem ipsum generator  that scrambles important theoretical texts about, internet art, and post-internet art, then uses Markov Chain based language processing analyze the source texts and create new sentences based on which phrases are commonly seen next to one another.

The pavilion website for The Others featured some of my very favourite international internet artists and had an extremely interesting user interface, created by Benoit. I’m not sure if there is any documentation that would do justice to the adventure of simply navigating through the site, let alone all of the artwork it contained.

Ah, the nature of the web.

The video Abducted for Life (aka He Sh!t Out His Own Skeleton And Wore His Floppy Flesh Like A Trench Coat) that I made with venetian snares for Undervolt & Co. was also included in several showings related to the 2015-2016 edition of The Wrong.

My favourite of the exhibits that my Abducted for Life video was shown in as part of The Wrong was a very lovely-looking exhibition in Romania with Superliquidato (aka SPRLQDT Gallery) that was called UV Index – Unresponsive Media. The IRL gallery exhibition was curated by Yoshi Sodeoka, Johnny Woods, and Rea McNamara from the extremely fabulous video art label, Undervolt & Co. and was apparently sponsored by SAMSUNG. Oh golly, I just found the Facebook event link a moment ago (and four years late, lolll), so check that out if you like…there very well may be other related goodies out there on the interwebs that I have no idea about yet regarding these intriguing interweb/IRL shenanigans :)

For the 2015/2016 edition of The Wrong, I also worked quite closely with David Quiles Guilló as a Council Advisory Member behind the scenes on several aspects of the project over the months leading up to the event.

During this time, I designed and built the “0010111000101100” pavilion website for Elena Garnelo and assisted many of the other curators and artists with technical programming for their exhibitions and art projects. Part of the concept of The Wrong is to have all of the digital art being exhibited “disappear” after the biennale is over (at least the curated pavilions showing the art were to “disappear”, so the websites I made for The Wrong are no longer searchable online, but I do have viewable archives available upon request (to very nice people only!).

The Wrong – 2013 / 2014

For the 2013/14 edition of The Wrong, I created two sound-reactive 3D glitch videos, Kisik Acimowina (with Jason Baerg and Michael Red) and Ectocism (with Jon Vaughn). The two videos were shown as part of Anthony Antonellis‘ online exhibition pavilion called Young Internet Based Artists (YIBA).

Here is a screenshot of the digital gallery “space” that I decorated for my Kisik Acimowina and Ectocism videos in the YIBA pavilion. Anthony did a totally rad job of designing and coding the Young Internet Based Artists pavilion website and it is still online (!), so you should definitely go give it a little clicksy-click or 1000.

Check out Anthony’s promo video for the YIBA pavilion below, it’s CRAZY COOL :)

Our pavilion got some interesting press as well!

It felt very nice to have had my artwork from Kisik Acimowina be printed on the cover of the arts section of El Observator newspaper in Uruguay to represent The Wrong.

Gallery Surfing 01 did a (generously long!) full live walkthrough tour of the YIBA pavilion (thank you!!). The review weighs in at close to two hours long…so uuuuhm…the embedded video below starts playing at the part where they review my art projects within the exhibition, as I figured you might be on my website to check out my art. The YouTube page for the full video features time markers to skip to each of the playback points for reviewing each artist’s contributions.

It’s really fun watching them explore the website in detail. I wish I knew what they were saying, though! Anyone feel like translating this from German for me? :)

The next edition of The Wrong will be taking place in the winter of 2019 /2020.

If you would like to get involved or just keep an eye on the fabulous happenings about to take place, please visit the official website for The Wrong at

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