Ascendance - Flyer for Saskatoon Rave, 2006

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I am passionate about archiving rave history and culture, especially from where I live in Saskatoon (in the Prairies of Canada). Most of the records online about the history of our community from before Y2K were written by people who weren’t part of our culture, so that leads to misrepresentations of our values and what was actually happening in our communities.

I am hoping to find funding to develop a standalone website to host flyers, photos, interviews, conversations, and our stories. Ideally, there will be a way for people to contribute their own flyers and photos with a dedicated upload area, too.

Below, I’ve included a few flyers in here from experimental electronic events and sound art shows, as they cross paths with the rave scenes in many ways. When I have a full website to archive everything on permanently, there will be more ways to sort through everything by tags and such. Patience is a virtue!

All of the flyers below are in no particular order and they randomize in the layout and order each time you refresh the page. A few of them aren’t labeled properly yet and there may be a few duplicates in there. Have mercy on this nerd!

If you would like to contribute to archiving rave history in the prairies, please get in touch with me! I’ll need lots of help to make this project as awesome as I am dreaming it will be!

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This archive is BY NO MEANS complete!

I’ve probably added only 1/20th of the flyers I have of just the Saskatoon rave scene. The flyers that are below are just what I happen to have handy right now and will be continuing to add to them…probably forever!

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Saskatoon Rave and Electronic Music Event Flyer Archive

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Saskatchewan Electronic Music Festival and Rave Flyer Archive

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