Public Presentations

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Presenter – Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course (Saskatoon, SK)

March 2019

Presentation and open discussion session about how my entrepreneurial business as a digital media artist has been informed by my life’s work as an artist. Presented by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan.

Presenter – SMPIA Conference (Regina, SK)

April 2011

Informal demo of VJing software to the film and new media industry. Presented by the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Independent Alliance (SMPIA).

Presenter – BarCamp (Saskatoon, SK)

Dec. 2010

Informal demo of interactive brainwave-controlled VJing system created with Boris Edelstein. Presented by BarCamp Saskatoon.

Presenter – Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland)

May 2010

Presentation about the process of collaboratively rewriting all of the Wikipedia documentation on VJing during the Wiki Sprint at the Mapping Festival. Presentation included a live reading/recording of the text with co-authors Manuel Schmalsteig and Ana Carvalho, which can be downloaded on the Wikipedia page for VJing. Organized by Manuel Schmalsteig, Greyscale Press, and the Mapping Festival.

Presenter – IMP Interactive Music and Performance Lab, University of Regina (Regina, SK)

Nov 2008

Presentation about the culture and practice of VJs, including a review of some of my recent work (alongside Dr. Graham St. John). Organized by Dr. Charity Marsh.

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Presenter – “Yours, Mine, Ours” CARFAC Symposium (Saskatoon, SK)

Nov. 2006

Panel presentation and discussion of intellectual property and copyright laws in regard to the practices of artists, especially those working with “appropriation” in their practice.

Presenter – CopyCamp Conference (Toronto, ON)

Sept. 2006

Two presentations: one presentation on net.labels as an alternative business model for disseminating experimental electronic music, the other presentation was on VJing and the rise of open-source video clips distributed online by and for the VJing community.

Presenter – “Dorkbot” at Paved Arts (Saskatoon, SK)

Sept. 2006

Presentation about the work of VJs, focusing on demystifying the technology and discussing working conditions.

Presenter – Designing Interactive Systems National Conference (State College, PA, USA)

June 2006

Paper presentation about my research regarding interactivity and awareness between DJs and audiences in nightclub environments, tailored for the international Human-Computer Interaction design community.

Presenter – IASPM Canada National Conference (Regina, SK)

May 2006

Paper presentation about the politics and methods of recording local Saskatchewan rave culture history.

Presenter – Societé des Arts et Technologies’ (SAT) ‘The Upgrade!’ (Montréal, QC)

June 2005

Presentation of net.label, BricoLodge, with co-Director, Jon Vaughn. The Upgrade! is a monthly meeting of new media artists, academics, and those curious in contemporary technology-based arts. The SAT is a prestigious venue for electronic music, contemporary art, festivals, and conferences, based in Montréal, QC.

Presenter – Neutral Ground and r a d i o q u a l i a’s ‘re:mote Symposium’ (Regina, SK)

May 2005

Presentation of net.label, BricoLodge, as part of r a d i o q u a l i a ‘s 2nd ‘re:mote Symposium’, which featured an international cast of remote and Regina-based presentations, broadcast online to a live audience in Auckland, New Zealand.

Presenter – W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery’s ‘Phantom Power’ Festival (North Bay, ON)

May 2004

Hour-long presentation about the history of experimental turntablism and sculpture utilizing vinyl records during the ‘Unlocking the Groove’ workshop.

Presenter – Common Weal’s ‘Prairie Echo Sound Symposium’ (Regina, SK)

June 22, 2003

The lecture consisted of a short discussion of the history and trajectories of electroacoustic music, followed by a discussion period.