Carrie Gates on Swiss TV Talk Show "Meet The Artists" 2012

Carrie Gates Interviewed on Swiss TV Talk Show “Meet The Artists” With Hannes Hug

When I was in Lucerne, Switzerland a few weeks ago performing at the Blue Balls Festival, I was interviewed on a Swiss television talk show called “Meet The Artists” with Hannes Hug. I decided that in order to ease my nerves, I would turn the interview around on him and make the host the star by hijacking the scene and making him act out a video shoot with me. I directed him to pretend he was in a fancy little getup and a pink wig for me and got him to werk it on camera! It was a lot of fun!

Festivaltalkshow‚ Meet The Artists’. Blue Balls Festival 12, 23. Juli 2012.
Der Talk, Meet the Artists’ ist ein einmaliges Erlebnis für alle, die dabei sein können. Von 19.00 bis 20.00 treffen sich jeden Abend Musiker, Künstler und weitere Gäste zu Talks, Interviews und Sessions. Spontan, relaxt und intim. Täglich eine Überraschung! Moderation Hannes Hug. Mit Ren Harvieu, Carrie Gates, Mika & Attila Stark.


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