Video Shoot with TUSK and Carrie Gates - Berlin 2012

Music Video Shoot in Berlin with TUSK

I was in Berlin a week ago for a little while and had the pleasure to shoot a music video for TUSK (Benjamin Teicher) at a great little studio that we rented for the occasion.

TUSK had two lovely backup dancers with her – one with a punky Berliner style and one who looked like Iggy Azalea and Madonna‘s love child. I directed everyone to do solo and group dancing shots, an interrogation scene, and a girl fight…and more…we had a blast doing this! I’ll be working on the final edit over the next few months. TUSK’s performances are playful and visually arresting, always performing in full regalia with sort of a future-space theme and with varied backup dancers. Her music…well, perhaps it is best explained by the quote below:

From TUSK’s website:

TUSK, is a synthetic lifeform, a sci-fi fantasy created by singer/dancer/producer Benjamin Teicher as a container for his sweetest dreams and darkest fantasies. Erotic and captivating, TUSK marries electro-pop vocals and Byronic lyrics combine to tell the tale of an anti-hero saving a world on the brink of self-destruction, yet unable to save himself.


Video Shoot Still Images:

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