Pop Quiz Festival of Experimental and Electronic Arts - 2012

Pop Quiz Festival of Experimental and Electronic Arts – VJ Carrie Gates and Peter Quistgard

Great show organized by Jon Vaughn from Pop Quiz Records!

Friday July 13 2012
Beaumont Film & Records/Underground Cafe
430 20th St W


  • PETER QUISTGARD (aka Puh Quh & P.Q.) (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • PSYCHIC TUBERCULOSIS (Vancouver/Victoria, British Columbia)
  • ANNE-F (aka Anne-Francoise from MINIBLOC, Montreal, Quebec)
  • DARCIN (aka Nicolas from MINIBLOC, Montreal, Quebec)
  • SCANT INTONE (Battlefords, Saskatchewan)
  • SLIME STREET (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • Y2LHEN (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • ZOTZ (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • BOOJI BOMB (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • CLIVE SINCLAIR (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)


  • CARRIE GATES (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • JS GAUTHIER (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
  • JON VAUGHN (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)


19 plus/cash bar
8pm – 3am
Admission: $8

Underground Cafe:


Beaumont Film & Records:



Peter Quistgard // Puh Quh // P.Q. (Amsterdam)

Peter Quistgard is not that (probably lone) guy who bought CoolEditPro all those years ago (of which many of us should thank!), but is actually a one-man-band project from Amsterdam’s Luc Van Weelden. A regular contributor to Amsterdam’s OCCII concert house, and co-running the Toztizok Zoundz label. He can at times be seen performing in costumes adorned with flashing LED lights and extra tattered arms and heads (like if Swamp Thing fused his DNA with a shipment of Radio Shack components). Circuit bending his way through a number of different setups has brought several performances to see the light of day.

Peter Quistgard displays his latent craft for collage in the software side of things as his structures seamlessly shift and change, leaving you surprised to the end and yet somehow still wondering where you began. There’s an experimental sensibility here which is absent from most of the “8-bit” scene, but believe me folks, you can boogie to this! This is rave music re-imagined in a doom-noise blender.


Psychic Tuberculosis (Vancouver / Victoria)

Based out of Vancouver and Victoria, Psychic Tuberculosis is made up of drummer John Brennan, guitarist/vocalist Trevor Rutley and electronics player/vocalist Jacob Hardy. The three met in Vancouver, playing an impromptu set at Roy G Biv Studios. The chemistry clicked and the band was formed. The sound is a mix of punk, free improv and acid soaked psychedelia, drawing from influences as diverse as Crass, the Boredoms, Coltrane, Evangelista and Neil Young. The three have very separate and unique musical histories as well. Brennan has become known for his frantic rhythmic style but has also toured extensively with his solo electronic project Static Kitten as well as performing as part of Argon Floozy, a mainstay in the Montreal free improv scene. Rutley runs Gold Rush, a country, folk band and began trash noise project Italian Husbands with Hardy who himself has toured extensively with his dance-noise-acid project Holzkopf. The debut Psychic Tuberculosis cassette, “Sharp Tongue,” will be released on the Ramshackle Day Parade label. They will embark on their first tour at the end of March, 2012, playing three shows on the West Coast of Canada. They are currently planning a tour of Western Canada for the end of June and early July.


Carrie Gates

Carrie Gates creates live video projections to provoke the mind and stimulate the senses. Luxurious, glitchy patterns and shapes weave in and out of punchy, performance art-influenced footage, pulsing and flickering with the music. Her work is infused with an abstracted sensuality, while exploring relationships between bodies, technology, presence, power, and desire. For the 2012 edition of Blue Balls Festival, Carrie integrates her visuals alongside soundtracks from an array of talented DJs and producers with mixes including genres such as classic hip-hop, jazz, deep house, minimal techno, juke, and beyond.

Since the mid-1990s, Carrie has been performing as a VJ, DJ, and sound artist both locally and abroad, traveling regularly to present her live audiovisual performances and workshops. She also works as a Designer at the University of Saskatchewan and has published academic research on human-computer interaction. Her intimate involvement in the independent electronic music and media art communities across Western Canada and beyond for over 15 years has given her a broad range of unique influences and experiences to draw from in her work.

Carrie’s projects have taken her in many directions over the years, such as J + C Feedback Factory (no-input analog audiovisual system), Psychic Armchair TV (brainwave-controlled video mixing installation), Unslumber (curator of audio art sleepover-gathering and concert), Z-Axis (curator of 2 month long new media event), and recently has branched into DVD visuals for performing musicians. Some of her recent collaborators include Scream Club, Nicky Click, Jon Vaughn, Mz Sunday Luv, Geiger, Form, Castle If, and Turner Prize*, Festival highlights include Sight & Sound (Montréal, 2012), INDEX (New York, 2011), RE:FLUX (Moncton, 2011), the Vancouver New Music Festival (Vancouver, 2010), Mapping Festival Wiki Sprint and VJing Competition (Geneva, 2010), Queer City Cinema (Regina, 2010), Motion Notion (Edmonton, 2005-2011), Connect Festival (Regina, 1996-2008), send + receive (Winnipeg, 2007-2008), and Electric Fields (Ottawa, 2008). She lives and works in Saskatoon, Canada.


Slime Street

Slime Street is the collaboration of Dallas Kruszelnicki and Jon Vaughn. The two met each other in 2010 when Dallas sent Jon a message over myspace upon re-locating to Saskatoon from London, England. Both artists had mutually rich background in experimental and noise music and decided a band was inevitable, not to mention a fruitful friendship. In the music of Slime Street, the logic of Vaughn’s experimental and gross-out noise project Phlegm Gadget, and Dallas’ veteran harsh analog noise project Green Mist, collide to create something with even more depth and range of brutality, yet also conjuring deep and subtly frightening landscapes of sound through the mediation of collaboration.



ZOTZ is the science fiction influenced abstract-ambient project of Liam Hart. Despite his foreboding name, ZOTZ is casually improvisational and light on the senses in relation to the intensity of most noise music. Liam creates thoughtful and often beautiful atmosphere’s off layers of synths and effects that bring to mind scenes of one’s favourite retro science fiction soundtracks and early digital visions.

Booji Bomb

Booji Bomb is the solo musical project of Jeremy Kiss from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He’s known for his work on Jon Vaughn’s Pop Quiz label and his involvement in the Sweet Show series and other local shows and bands such as Caves. His songs are performed live with drum machines and keyboards assisted with his computer, that feel as if they were meant to be played in a cartoon circus world, amateur pop traverses with near classical composition in something that is truly unique and almost ‘out of this world’ sounding. A talented young artist to look out for!

Scant Intone

Scant Intone is the solo project of Canadian artist Constantine Katsiris dedicated to experimentation with modern techniques for working with audio. The output varies from stark minimalist tones to densely complex textures with a sound palette that incorporates elements of field recordings, shortwave radio, hand-drawn waveforms, raw data, and digital sound synthesis. Focused on researching psychoacoustics, the perception of sound, spatiality, waveform anomalies, and various audio phenomena discovered while exploring the frequency spectrum, his compositions are excursions in abstract electronic music with influences including ambient, lowercase, microsound, noise, glitch and drone.

Constantine has been active in exploring the electronic arts since the early 1990s as an artist, curator, designer and producer. Over a period of more than fifteen years he has been integral in organizing countless events for experimental, improvised and electronic music both locally and abroad. These events have featured performances by artists from across Canada as well as international artists from all over the globe. This experience lead him to be involved with programming showcases for world-renowned festivals and booking international tours for artists on Panospria, his own sub-label of No Type Records based in Montréal.

Live performances have been numerous over the past years, including many collaborations and improvisations with like-minded audio and video artists. Katsiris has brought his sound to many notable venues, such as La Société des Arts Technologiques [Montréal], Whitechapel Art Gallery [London], Brut Konzerthaus [Vienna], and SESI Art & Cultural Center [São Paulo]. Scant Intone has also shared the stage with Fennesz, Crys Cole, KK Null, Tim Hecker, Aidan Baker and Sawako, to name a few.


JS Gauthier

Jean-Sébastien Gauthier’s work involves the experimental repurposing of video, sculpture and performance practices in the service of experiential time based art. His work often involves gaudy humor and raw esthetics imbued with childlike playfulness, transgressing formal and narrative coherence.



Y2lhen AKA Lennie Budgell is an 8bit / Breaks / Dance music producer from Saskatoon SK.
Starting off his musical production with nothing more then a psp running LSDJ he began experimenting and creating chip tunes.Before moving into the sometimes considered “fake” world of making chip tunes with modern computers he released 2 albums made with LSDJ and they were released on
Servered Digit Records.

After being shown software called Buzz Tracker Y2lhen was Buzzed 4 lyfe. With the new abilities and control Buzz Tracker provided Y2lhen began to learn how a break beat worked. He then mashed up chip sounds with abstract samples of a cult leader and dirty fast sampled cut up breaks to produce a 8bit / breakcore / breaks album entitled Jonestown Breakdown. This was released on Dex and the City records and won Y2lhen a number of more fans.

Live shows became a moshing dance party of cult like chants and praises and most ended up with people surrounding the young producer until there was very little room to perform which made for a hype environment but also a lot of equipment being knocked over / unplugged however the energy outweighed the slight technical difficulties.

Wanting to make a more straight forward dance album next Y2lhen got to work on his fourth full length album entitled Dance Theory which when finished was released on POP QUIZ!!! records. The style change up for most every new album provided a way for Y2lhen to gain more fans and a variety of types of shows and events to play at. Dance theory brought the bangers to get the feet movin.

Y2lhens latest work in which he got back to the chip sounds came out in 2010 on POP QUIZ!!! records and is entitled space wolves. It took most of the previous styles of older albums and mixed them with the traditional pounding dance sounds of the classic games to make a room dance to the beat all night long. A sound that Y2lhen had been trying to nail for quite awhile had finally been found with space wolves and it really clicked. Soaring melodies, square bass lines and noise channels mixed with bass kicks and snares proved to be a winning combo of sound that although had been done many times before by others felt near perfect for the sounds once only wondered about by Y2lhen.


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