Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course by the Sask Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan

Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course Artist Talk with Carrie Gates

This past weekend, I did a presentation about my work as an artist and how I became an entrepreneur in digital media production. The presentation was for the “Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course” by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan.  I took this course a few years ago and …

Presentation Slide from Designing Interactive Systems - DJ Audience Interaction in Nightclubs - Carrie Gates 2006

Designing Interactive Systems – Carrie Gates – Powerpoint Presentation

This video is the Powerpoint presentation given by Carrie Gates in State College, PA, USA, May 2006, ass part of the Designing Interactive Systems conference. The paper was called "DJs' Perspectives on Interactivity and Awareness in Nightclubs", and it explores the relationships between technology, DJs, audiences, and the nightclub environment.

The Techne of the VJ: Video Mixing for the Curious (2006) at dorkbot Saskatoon

This video is a series of clips from a talk given by Carrie Gates at paved Art + New Media (artist-run centre), as part of their ongoing series of 'dorkbot' talks. For more information about paved Art + New Media, dorkbot, and dorkbot.sask, please visit: *Note: the ...