The Techne of the VJ: Video Mixing for the Curious (2006) at dorkbot Saskatoon

This video is a series of clips from a talk given by Carrie Gates at paved Art + New Media (artist-run centre), as part of their ongoing series of ‘dorkbot’ talks.

For more information about paved Art + New Media, dorkbot, and dorkbot.sask, please visit:

*Note: the three Quicktime files uploaded are the same video, but in varying resolutions.

Carrie Gates – The Techné of the VJ: Video Mixing for the Curious

Carrie Gates has been involved in the Canadian electronic music scene for over a decade as an experimental music DJ, performance artist, promoter, and VJ. Her reputation for risky, engaging performances and her support of innovation in the electronic arts has taken her across the country to perform for groups in clubs, raves, galleries, conferences, inflatable golf domes, and many other one-time-only public art experiences. As a VJ, Carrie focuses on bringing together the contemporary and the historical, as well as the narrative and the abstract. She incorporates rich, high-contrast textures and patterns with punchy clips and live footage, playing with time, scale, and opacity throughout. Her video content mingles, fluxus, film noir, turntablism, situationism, and pop culture with chaos, contrast, and humour.

For this edition of dorkbot.SK, Carrie will be giving an overview of the technical aspects of her analogue VJ setup and a demonstration of how to create original live multichannel compositions using a combination of sources from found archival footage, screen output, live cameras, and pre-recorded video. She will introduce dorkbotters to the current issues facing today’s VJs, as well as some of the new technologies and software that is gaining popularity for the ‘digital’ VJ. The session will be wrapped up with some tips for emerging VJs and a group discussion about live video mixing and the VJ’s role in creating spectacular collaborative atmospheres.

dorkbot attendees are encouraged to bring one of their own video projects on DVD or VHS tape to throw into the mix!

Producer: Carrie Gates and Ian Campbell
Production Company: paved Art + New Media and dorkbot.sask
Audio/Visual: sound, color
Language: English
Keywords: Carrie Gates, VJ, DJ, interactive, video, video art, video mixing, veejay, dorkbot, paved, paved Art + New Media, video mixer, projection, workshop, artist talk, techne, curious, saskatoon, saskatchewan, canadian, canada, media art, new media, artist-run, gallery, artist talk, club culture, rave, electronic, fun
Contact Information: For more information, please contact Carrie Gates at otherartists at gmail dot com or contact paved Art + New Media at newmedia at pavedarts dot ca.

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