Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course by the Sask Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan

Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course Artist Talk with Carrie Gates

This past weekend, I did a presentation about my work as an artist and how I became an entrepreneur in digital media production. The presentation was for the “Arts Entrepreneurship Business Development Course” by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan.  I took this course a few years ago and I definitely recommend taking it yourself if you are an artist looking to advance your business, as it is practical, thought-provoking, and inspiring – not to mention a great networking opportunity to meet other like-minded creative entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

Preparing for the course made me think deeply about why I do what I do and what the value is that I bring to others’ lives. It also brought up a lot of feelings for me about how challenging it is to be an entrepreneur in a solo venture where there are few people I can talk to about what I really do. I rarely talk with anyone about what I actually do in my job, as it is quite complex, both technically and socially. It felt really good to be able to talk with a group of people that respect the complexity of being an entrepreneur and the challenges it entails.

A huge thank you goes out to Phyllis Lodoen, who invited me to present to the class. I appreciated this opportunity very much! Great discussion at the workshop!

Read the CBC article “Course teaches creative entrepreneurs the art of business” here:

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