Pizzabook interface for the GLI.TC/H Festival 2013 in Chicago

I made a PIZZABOOK custom interface for the GLI.TC/H Festival Website

The GLI.TC/H Festival in Chicago is a wicked annual gathering of some of the kewlest folks in the international glitch art scene. Their website for this year’s festival lets you upload your own CSS code to change the look and feel of the festival website.

A little while ago, I did an independent CSS coding project called Pizzabook that lets you turn your facebook page into a crazy animated pizza interface – Pizzabook installation instructions are here! Anyway, after seeing the GLI.TC/H Festival’s cool formatting tools,  I made a Pizzabook interface for their festival website because this is the second year in a row I should have been there but couldn’t fly out for it.  GEEZ, I really want to go next year! <3

Check out the Pizzabook GLI.TC/H Festival 2012 interface here!! :)


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