Rihanna Diamonds - ca$hpunk remix video by VJ Carrie Gates, 2012

My ca$hpunk video remix of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’

Yes, it’s a response to the whole seapunk fiasco.

Nick Briz put together this very cool project where he released a green screen version of Rihanna’s live performance of  “Diamonds” on Saturday Night Live and invited artists to remix it. Check out all of the wild submissions from various artists here (SERIOUSLY CHECK THIS OUT!!!): http://nickbriz.com/diamonds

Rihanna’s Diamonds ca$hpunk remix video by Carrie Gates for Nick Briz – Rihanna’s Diamonds Video Remix Project, 2012

Vimeo didn’t like it tho:

Check out the original green screen footage he provided with Andrew Benson for us to use in our remixes :)

Video Stills from Rihanna’s “Diamonds” ca$hpunk video remix by VJ Carrie Gates

Oh yeah, here’s the other version

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