Carrie Gates, Marinko Jareb, and tobias c. van Veen, DJing at the Phantom Power Festival in North Bay, 2004

Phantom Power Festival in North Bay, Ontario

Phantom Power is a three-day audio and video festival featuring some of Canada’s finest experimental artists. Curated by Dermot Wilson of the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery of North Bay, ON, Phantom Power has invited artists to reflect upon the themes of the supernatural, phantasms, and random frequencies. Performing artists include Kero, Tomas Jirku, tobias C. van Veen, Jon Vaughn, Marinko Jareb, Max Haiven, Magali Babin, Carrie Gates, and Thinkbox.

Carrie Gates, Marinko Jareb, and tobias C. van Veen performed as a live turntablist trio in for the Saturday night festivities. They also facilitated a workshop, called Unlocking the Groove, which was about experimental turntablism, vinyl record art, and historical elements of DJ culture, hosted on Saturday afternoon at the W.K.P.Kennedy Gallery.

Jon Vaughn and Max Haiven hosted an informal lecture about net.labels, file sharing, and online communities at the W.K.P.Kennedy Gallery on Sunday afternoon, as well. This event was an excellent meeting of minds, movement, sights, and sounds!

Photo Gallery

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