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BricoLodge is a net .label that I used to run with Jon Vaughn.


BricoLodge is a net.label for eclectic techno, playful composition, and complex experimentalism that emerged as a translocal meeting point for a diverse network of artists. Encouraging innovation and collaboration, BricoLodge provides a space for sharing deep and varied sound, visual artwork, archived live events, and unique ideas, while strengthening community ties and inviting the world to experience it all with us.

We believe that people have the right to share. Especially online. All of the art you will find on BricoLodge is free for you to download, enjoy, and share with friends. Audio releases include custom-made, ready-to-print ‘cover art’ to complete your burned CDs. We abide by and promote the Creative Commons Licence for all of our releases – please read it before you download from us!

Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, this site is curated and maintained by site Directors Jon Vaughn and Carrie Gates. Submissions are welcome, however, we are primarily interested in works that display a passion for experimentation and attention to detail and form.

Mad props to our sister label,, who helped BricoLodge get on its feet, and another big thanks to for hosting our mp3 catalogue.

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Tomas Jirku - Never Say Never

Tomas Jirku - Never Say Never

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