Video Still by VJ Carrie Gates

Working on some new sound-reactive visuals

stay tuned!

I played at a show in Saskatoon at Café Sola last week with Jon Vaughn. It was a cool little noise/experimental music show put on by Ben Dobni and the good folks at Vive. I only found out about the show a few days before and decided to take a chance on something I hadn’t done live before, and it was really fun! I didn’t play any actual videos for my set, I played .jpg and .png files that were sound-reactive and animated with all of these weird colour mix modes and manual effects. Jon played some cool new crazy textured electronic music that worked really well to show the dynamics in the animation movement. I’ll be doing more of this kind of work in the future most definitely…it was fun to have things so tightly synchronized, yet improvised. I have been playing around a bit with camera integration into all of this as well…lots to explore…!

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