What Color Is The Dress 2015 - Meme Heritage Moments - Video Still by VJ Carrie Gates

Meme Heritage Moments – What color is the dress?

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What color is the dress? (2015)

Brought to you by Meme Heritage Moments and Carrie Gates.

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In 2015, a simple image of a dress set the whole world AFLAME WITH MEME MADNESS with the burning question –> WHAT COLOR IS THE DRESS?❓ Slightly different lighting made the dress appear to be very different colors…wars were fought, families were destroyed, fingernails were bitten…but no two souls could agree on the color of this deceivingly simple dress.

Impassioned by the zeitgeist at the time in 2015, I embarked on a quest to explore this realm of wonder and discover the truth behind the masquerade of madness that seemed to be engulfing every screen based form of media that I could find on my horizon for many moons.

My journey on this quest led me to explore the image itself from new angles, geometrically perturbing the known angles of the two dimensional image’s form until it began to wondrously rotate in the third dimension of space, allowing new vision to behold what was beyond before, harmonized in all its splendour with delicate accents of the dress’ natural textures magnified in motion for all of the world to see!

Yet, for all of these veils of mystery shrouding the true hue of the dress that were raised to multiple new planes of existence in pure and glimmering light, the truth of the matter is that the secret stayed true to its sister and did not reveal the answers to us, but provided us with yet more and more Questions. Blessed be the Electrons!


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Re-Meme Our Heritage

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