grrrilla galleries presents BYOB Linz - September 2011

VJ Carrie Gates screened at BYOB Linz, Austria

pack your beamer, grab your laptop, pick your video.
BYOB Linz is taking off on Thursday, September 1st and Friday, September 2nd.

grrrilla galleries presents BYOB Linz - September 2011

grrrilla galleries presents BYOB Linz - September 2011

BYOB is an exhibition concept by Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal. “Bring Your Own Beamer” is a series of one-evening-shows where artists team up with a beamer of their choice to project their videos in a gallery setting. (see BYOB Linz is hosted by grrrilla galleries, a time-spaced gallery currently consisting of Nina Wenhart, Ina Fischer, Sandra Krampelhuber and Felix Vierlinger.

From aug 31st to sep 6th, the Ars Electronica festival is taking place in Linz. BYOB Linz is not an official part of the festival. but as ars electronica was always meant to be a festival for the artists, we started looking for & found many empty time-spaces within this festival’s schedule that could be claimed and taken over by artists. to change from a visitor into an active participant, “bring your own beamer” – set up as a series of grrrilla galleries – seemed to us like a perfect format for this purpose. anyone who wants to participate is welcome to simply come along, bring their videos and beamers and start projecting.

we’ve planned on doing two evenings of BYOB during the festival week.
the dates & locations we have chosen for these events are:

Thursday, September 1st, starting at 22:00, @ the underpath next to the ars electronica quarter


Friday, September 2nd, starting around 21:30 (after the prix ars gala), danube park in front of brucknerhaus
(in case of rain, we can provide umbrellas)

in addition to these two planned events, we want to encourage anyone to find their own time-space slot for more BYOB grrrilla galleries. to help you find such a slot, we’ve adapted the official ars electronica festival’s schedule and highlighted possible slots in time and space that seem interesting for a BYOB..
the are no “rules” other than to (1) find an empty slot in the festival’s schedule as not to interfere with the official program and to (2) stage it in a place where there already is an audience.

borrow-a-beamer: for those of you who travel to Linz without a beamer: we’ve organized a couple of beamers that people could borrow & share.

remote-participation: and as many of you cannot be in Linz physically, but might still want to participate: we are putting together a playlist that will be about an hour long. upload your video to the “BYOB Linz – grrrilla galleries” group on vimeo to be included in the program.

the grrrilla galleries only exist in time-space.
they are born out of a lack of a physical space we can permanently occupy, coupled with the desire to make, create, exchange and become active.

currently, grrrilla galleries are: Nina Wenhart, Ina Fischer, Sandra Krampelhuber & Felix Vierlinger

BYOB is an exhibition format conceived by Rafaël Rozendaal. Find out more about past BYOBs on

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