Sarah Adorable, Nicky Click, and Carrie Gates, chowing around

Video shoot with Nicky Click and Scream Club

I was in Berlin a couple of weeks ago (went to Germany to perform at the Kassel Dokfest), and I had a FANTASTIC time! I did a video shoot with my friends Nicky Click, Sarah Adorable, and Cindy Wonderful, and we are hoping to put together a little video something-something for your enjoyment in the next while.

This was the second time I had worked with both Nicky and the Scream Club gals, so I’ve got a tasty little library of VJ clips to work with now.

Certainly isn’t hard to work with these ladies, they are all extremely videogenic and CRAZY to boot!

Half of the time I stayed with with my beloved old friend Antoinette (great up and coming photographer!) and her partner Adrian (killer artist from the Royal Art Lodge) and the other half of the trip I spent at Cindy Wonderful’s place down in the über hip Kreuzberg area. Cindy and Sarah Adorable are in the band Scream Club, and they run the Crunks Not Dead record label to boot. My megacharming queer femme pop diva lovvie Nicky Click was on tour at the time, so she came to Berlin to meet me while I was there with her new gf, LadyJane (screenprinter to the stars!). Heavens to Betsy we had a riot! And were also really productive! I am editing the video right now, and I must say, it’s pretty darn decent.

As I settle back into life in Saskatoon, I can’t help but think about how fantastically these ladies have built their lives. They have taken some really extraordinary risks to be exactly what they want to be in this world. It is truly inspiring. They write and record their amazing music, tour all the time, and keep up with really fun little side projects, like music videos and Cindy’s Fab Lab art gallery. They don’t work day jobs, they just do exactly what they are best at and enjoy doing most, and somehow they make a go of it. I really respect the passion they show for their art forms, as well as the crazy skill set each of them has. That said, I really love my job, and I Definitely wouldn’t trade it in (I learn so much there, and the work is fun!), but it does make me wonder about how my life would be different if I had more time to work on my own projects and prioritized traveling even more. So I guess that’s it…I am in travel mode. I want to see the world, and I want to pitch in with my take on things…in colour.

Video shoot photos!!!

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