Undervolt & Co. - Fall Collection 2016

Undervolt & Co. Working with Carrie Gates as Social Media Manager

I’m very excited to be taking on a new position with the amazing video art label called Undervolt & Co. The label is run by Yoshi Sodeoka, Rea McNamara, Johnny Woods, and David Quiles Guilló and releases singles and collections of some of the neatest audiovisual art this side of the Universe ;)

My job entails creating media assets for the label, posting them across different platforms, like their Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, and Instagram Account. I also respond to inquiries and help them with long term strategy for the label. I’m really excited to work with this crew, as I have a ton of respect for what they are doing for the field of audiovisual art and they are also all very kind and interesting people.

Check out the new Fall 2016 Collection of videos on Undervolt & Co. on their website: http://www.undervolt.co

You can also see the video that I made with venetian snares last year, called “Abducted for Life” here on the Undervolt & Co. release page, along with a short “POV” interview I did with them: http://www.undervolt.co/carrie-gates

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