Light Painting Project - November 2013 - Mark Tiu, Laurie Brown, Carrie Gates, Lisa Hallam, Alicia Soulier, Zoë Pattenden

The Light Painting Project

I had the pleasure of recently working with a group of really talented folks from the fashion industry at an experimental light painting fashion shoot the other day.

Local photographer Mark Tiu and I met a few months ago at the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival where I was VJing at the runway show at the Mercedes Benz dealership. I also saw fashion designer Laurie Brown’s amazing work that night on the runway and was totally captivated by her innovative designs. I had the feeling that I would be seeing these two cats again ;)

Here’s one of the demo videos I made when I was preparing the runway visuals for Laurie for the SFDF show, just to give you an idea:

Laurie Brown – Demo 4 for Saskatoon Fashion Week by Carrie Gates from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

So a few months later, Mark told me about this experimental photography set he wanted to do that needed projected visuals to help create the scene. It didn’t take long for us to decide to work together, and he introduced me to everyone on the creative team:

Models: Sheena McInnes & Zoë Pattenden of EDGE AGENCY, Courtney Haley of NUMA, and Michaella Shannon of Masala Model & Talent
Clothing Designer: Laurie A. Brown of Laurie Brown
MUA: Lisa Hallam of Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry
Hair: Alicia Soulier of Capelli Salon Studio assisted by Morgan Alyson
Digital Media Creator: Carrie Gates
Photographer: Mark Tiu Photography assisted by Cory Morhart

Quite the bundle in there! It was really great to make some new friends on set and experience things from their side of the lens.

It was interesting how the team all came together to use some unusual and highly time coordinated moves to get the models lit and the light painting done during a long exposure while allowing only very measured doses of each type of light in order to retain the colour from my video projection wash, without blurring the image or overexposing it. Such a crazy dance it was!!

Here are the final shots from Mark Tiu…..enjoy!! :)

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