Solstice on the South Saskatchewan (Solsask Festival) - 2018 Poster

Solstice on the South Saskatchewan (Solsask) Festival with VJ Carrie Gates

I’m excited to be VJing at the electronic music festival called Solstice on the South Saskatchewan​ (Solsask) from June 21st to June 24th at the One Arrow Rodeo Grounds.

They have their hearts in a good place! Their goal is “to improve relations between the First Nations and non-indigenous people through sharing of culture, music, dance, conversation, and shared purpose”.

AW YEAH!!! <3 :D <3



  • Beat Burglar
  • Elazion
  • Squirrly J
  • Pro Revolution
  • Das Record
  • Enzyme
  • Geosphere
  • Davey Berkowitz
  • Yrecha Delik
  • The Carter Vic
  • Stoned On The Prairie
  • Long Time Running
  • Mind Merge
  • Tube Screamer
  • Digital Fire
  • Byron Ferrari
  • Danger Bay
  • JADJ
  • Mostly Wanted
  • Francis Drake
  • S’moore
  • 4th Degree
  • Brian Di Giuseppe
  • Sly Skeeta
  • Subatomic Theatre
  • Skaravan 1969
  • Sleepwreck
  • Snakeman
  • Ruction
  • L.A.E.
  • Adventures of Nightgirl
  • Roots Forward
  • Janaye Floyd
  • Cassandra Stinn
  • …and me!


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