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For Hallowe’en this year, I decided to go as a person who got slimed in the library scene in Ghostbusters. I made a slime headpiece, shoulderpad, and velcro floating blob to complete the look.

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      1. Can you provide more details? Hot glue, is well, hot so what did you use to get the proper shape for your head and shoulder also did you use a glue gun or did you warm the glue in a different way? What other tips or tricks can you offer for someone wanting to copy your idea?

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          Hey Eco! Thanks for asking about my “I GOT SLIMED” costume! It’s kinda my slimepunk take on what a librarian in Ghostbusters would have looked like after Slimer came through and trashed the place :D

          I figured out how to do this off of the top of my head, out of a mix of curiousity and a healthy dose of desperation to figure out a good Hallowe’en costume.

          Here’s how to make my slimepunk headdress thing:
          1. Get a mannequin.
          2. Cover the mannequin in tons of saran wrap.
          3. Buy A LOT OF HOT GLUE. LIKE WAYYYYYYYYY TOO MUCH HOT GLUE. NOW MORE. It has to be the milky clear kind, I think. The clear shiny type probably won’t work as well but I haven’t tested it.
          4. Get a couple of glue guns and heat them up at the same time.
          5. Push the glue out of the glue guns as fast as you can onto the mannequin’s head. Make BIG blobs with HOT hot glue. Aim to get as much out in one glue gun shot at a time.
          6. Give that sucker at least a full day to cool down and set. Be careful taking it off of the mannequin.
          7. Buy a can of neon green spray paint, then take the slime outside and spray ‘er down. Observe my #PROTIPZ below for pointers.

          PRO TIPZ
          1. VERY VERY VERY hot glue works best, in order to get the nice blobs, especially at the start.
          2. Rotate your glue guns as you go, making sure they are very hot before starting each round.
          3. Work on the outline of the shape you want as a base at first, so you don’t run into weirdness later on.
          4. Don’t let the blobs cool down and dry too much between rounds. Having them be warm and tacky (like me!) between rounds makes them more stable as a unit.
          5. Buy some velcro strips and hot glue the spiky side into the inside of the slime headpiece. This helps it stay in place a bit, like a teency comb.
          6. On the first coat of spray paint, focus on the “hard to get” places between the crevices.
          7. On the second coat of spray paint, focus on the INSIDE of the slime blob.
          8. On the third+ coats of spray paint, do light rounds all over.
          9. Let each coat of spray paint dry fully between rounds. Like seriously, let it dry FULLY or you will be sorrrrr-yyyyy!
          10. Make little slime bit pins, or perhaps a shoulder slime blob to complete the look.

          Thanks again for asking, Eco! I think I might make a blog post about this, as you’re not the first to ask me about how to do this!

          Please send me pix if you end up making a slime piece! I would SERIOUSLY LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU MAKE <3
          Email: [email protected]
          Insta: @hypercolour

          tiny slime slimer

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