Prairie Scene, 2011

“Prairie Scene” show is screening my work in Ottawa on May 5th, 2011

There is a big show coming up in Ottawa/Gatineau called “Prairie Scene” from April 26th to May 8th, 2011 that features tons of talent from across the Prairies. If you are around there at the right time, you should definitely check out the full “Prairie Scene” lineup and see this stuff!

Solomon Nagler curated a video of mine called “Dirty Two Minutes with You” that will be playing as part of a group video screening on May 5th.

A Voyage through Video across Canada’s Great Plains

Winnipeg to Saskatoon
May 5, 2011, 7:30pm
Club SAW

67 Nicholas Street, Ottawa

Curated by Solomon Nagler

Despite their relative isolation from one another, the video and film communities of Manitoba and Saskatchewan often draw on similar themes and employ similar techniques. Together, these two 60-minute programs invite spectators to wander through the lyrical minimalism and frenetic seclusion of the Prairies.

From Noam Gonick’s revelation of the human drama that encircles an iconic brutalist prison tower in central Winnipeg to Clark Ferguson’s magical lo-fi maquettes of mid-winter daydreams to Darryl Nepinak’s humorous and feisty political oeuvre, these programs illuminate the creative value of harsh winters, isolation, and generous civic and provincial funding. A bumper crop of artists garnering international accolades!


Cattle Call by Mike Maryniuk and Matthew Rankin
Zwei Indiander Aus Winnipeg by Darryl Nepinak
Down(town)time by Steve Loft
Precious Blood by Noam Gonick
Two Scoops by Jackie Traverse & Crossing Communities Art Project
Meskanahk (My Path) by Kevin Lee Burton
What Comes Between by Cecilia Araneda
IKWÉ by Caroline Monnet
Isolating Landscapes by Heidi Phillips
Wind and Snow by Leslie Supnet
Self Improvement by Clint Enns
Rockstar by Nicole Shimonek
Bale by Jennifer Stillwell
Winnipeg to Saskatoon by Brenna George


Still/Move by Mike Rollo
Prairie Schlager by Ian Campbell
Teenage Wasteland by Clark Ferguson
Dirty Two Minutes With You by Carrie Gates
You are a Lesbian Vampire by Thirza Cuthand
Striae by Nikko Snyder
Meanwhile (The Unglued Image) by Lee Henderson
Anticipation by Adam Budd
Ashes by Dianne Ouellette
Nightfall by Jason Britski


Dirty Two Minutes With You – VJ Carrie Gates and Phlegm Gadget from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

Prairie Scene Poster, 2011

Prairie Scene Poster, 2011

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