Nuit Blanche Toronto With Carrie Gates - President's Lounge

OCAD and Nuit Blanche Toronto with VJ Carrie Gates

This year’s edition of Nuit Blanche in Toronto will feature an outdoor screening of one of my silent videos called “Mountain Glitchery”. Curated by Jason Baerg and Tak Pham for OCAD University, and the show is called Tonight’s Special.

Show Information

Tonight’s Special: Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries

Sensorial Stew – Sandwich the Spectacle

Curators: Jason Baerg, Tak Pham

Tonight’s Special draws inspiration from a full range of cultural culinary pleasures; from the complex richness of a French mille-feuille pastry, to the savory satisfaction of a hearty Indigenous buffalo stew. The “excess of the spectacle,” queries our physiological threshold to stimulation through media and the technological implications of yet another transformation in the customary contemporary experience. Bannock, Mille-Feuille and Berries conjure complex discussions of our varied histories as well as the cultural needs reflected in our multicultural community by exploring social, political, environmental issues through digital media produced by artists representing diverse cultural perspectives. Conceptually, the selected individual projects for this group exhibition were consciously chosen to reinforce the curatorial spaces of investigations in the two inaugural exhibitions at Onsite; Raising the Flags: Works from Indigenous Art Collections (2001-2005) curated by Ryan Rice, and For This Land: Inside Elemental presented with imagiNATIVE Films + Media Art Festival. The art works are to be situated on two OCADU campus sites: the main North campus on McCaul Street, and South Campus on Richmond Street.

Video Preview

“While traveling through the B.C. Rockies on my way to a festival, I began to think about the stories that the mountains could tell us if they could speak. The intensely rugged cliffs struck me with awe as I thought about how they came to be through shifting tectonic plates rubbing up against one another and shifting earth from one site to another over eons. I thought of the Indigenous people who traveled through these rock formations and the hardships they would have had in their explorations as they searched for resources along their journeys through these vast chains of blue tinged rocks and freezing temperatures. A sense of wonder enveloped me as I considered how little time people have been alive on earth, compared to the time of the lives of mountains. I decided to make “Mountain Glitchery” to portray a sense of tectonic time that was related more to the speed at which humans tell our stories of life, wishing that I could hear the stories of the mountains themselves.”

– Carrie Gates

Mountain Glitchery – Silent VJ Clip by Carrie Gates from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.


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