Nicky Click on the Ladybear Tour, 2010

Nicky Click! ! !

I can’t say enough about how much I love this girl.  Queer femme pop diva to the MAXXX!  Nicky and I met online last spring, then did a residency together at Queer City Cinema in Regina in May.  We spent a week frolicking in wigs and discussing the finer points of “chow”, while creating a library of about two hours worth of VJ clips for me to use in our performances.  I ended up making a DVD for her of the visuals for her Ladybear tour in the fall.  We were lucky enough to be in Berlin at the same time this fall, where I made some more VJ clips with her and Scream Club for a new piece I am working on with them. Stay tuned, and do enjoy Nicky’s website (I made it, wooo!)!

Visit Nicky Click’s Website

Nicky Click Covers Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” at LUX in Berlin from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

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