Jolly Jams - Boxing Day 2010 poster by Jon Vaughn

Jolly Jams – Boxing Day Party 2010

I am really excited to play at the Jolly Jams Boxing Day party at Ramjam this year! It is a bit of a tradition in the Saskatoon scene to have an annual gathering and performance with all of the cool ex-Saskatonians who are back in town for the holidays (we used to call it “Family Get-Together”, hee hee). So in our fine tradition, here is another edition, but this time, it is going very much past the wee hours and into the dawn!

Ram Jam Social Club and Pop Quiz present

#( < < < << JOLLY JAMZ >> > > > )#

December 26 Sunday

8pm – Late

10$ Advance

15$ at the door

6 Bands, 6 DJs, 3 VJs


8:00 pm

*_~Grey Owl~_*

Grey Owl is the solo project of Mathew Yablonski, a member of the Vive collective and enthusiastic patron of the experimental and psychedelic arts. Only recently playing out after years of bedroom production, his presence is exciting and his mood is fresh. His set will provide a suitable beginning to an evening of many performances.

Visuals by Jon Vaughn.

8:45 pm

*_~Castle If~_*

Castle If is the main project of performer and composer Jess Forrest. Forrest produces brooding dense soundscapes that surf easily between dark ambient and minimal-industrial. Forrest often employs her friends to collaborate within the project such as Mehta Youngs, who will be appearing alongside Jess in Castle If’s performance at Jolly Jamz. After performing a successful live set the last Pop Quiz Party Jam she is be working on an EP for Pop Quiz in 2011!


Visuals by Leeane Berger.

9:15 pm


Greenmist is the solo project of Dallas Kruszelnicki. Kruszelnicki describes the inspiration for his “Greenmist” project being the final scene of the film “Shivers” aka “They Came from Within” by David Cronenberg, . And it makes sense too, his noise music is overwhelming with intensity and density and has been known to induce psychosexual breakdowns!!! Dallas has toured the world over, and is an x-patriot of the United Kingdom and Asia. He has played alongside other veteran noise acts such as Wolf Eyes and Justice Yeldham. Pop Quiz was delighted to begin working with Greenmist in 2010 and looks forward to releasing an ep for him in 2011! For Jolly Jamz, Greenmist will bring down the house in his classic heavy and harsh noise style.


Visuals by Jon Vaughn

10:00 pm


Unutterable is a band formed in Saskatoon a few years ago but continues to only appear at certain times as frontman Jesse Hicks aka Chocobo P. Chocobo Wauopos (vocals, guitar, electronics) resides Montreal while his bandmates Jesse Mulligan-Hopper aka Chicago Heights (guitar) and Jeremy Kiss (drums) aka Booji Bomb continue to reside in Saskatoon, busy with their own solo projects and playing Pop Quiz Party Jams! However, once or twice a year the Unutterable conjoin and create a ritualistic doom metal sacrifice that it as once harrowing like a vengeful ancient firebird and soothing like a gently purring black ocean. Prepare for some mind melting!

Visuals by Leeane Berger.

10:45 pm

*_~Phlegm Gadget~_*

Phelgm Gadget is the oldest active project of audio and visual artist and Pop Quiz label manager, Jon Vaughn. Beginning in the mid 90s as a vehicle for Vaughn’s lyrics and basic song ideas with a few of his young friends (including Terry Mattson of Junior Pantherz circa grade 6) then disappearing over the course of the next ten years only to resurface in 2005 on Pop Quiz as one of many mysterious often uncredited solo projects of Jon Vaughn with the surprise hit ep “Crawling Flesh”, ( ) which was a mixture of analog no-input mixer and condenser microphone noise cut up and rearranged digitally to form complex and detailed compositions. After that Phlegm Gadget took off as a name in the local and abroad noise scenes, performing at many shows in the next few years, always releasing 100 percent of his music on tapes and cdrs at the shows he would play. However, it was clear by 2008 that Phlegm Gadget needed a rest, as Vaughn did in general from all his musical projects. In 2010, Vaughn returned once again to music, surprising even himself by forming the band Slime Street with Greenmist, Castle If and Chicago Heights, a kind of long awaited tribute to noise rock a la Sonic Youth with possibility of also evoking the spirit of Stockhausen with it’s thirst of sonic diversity and experimentation, and also returning to his favourite collaboration J + C Feedback Factory with VJ Carrie Gates, appearing in a sold-out concert at Vancouver New Music Festival. And last but not least, just before the closure of the year Vaughn breathes new life into the half-man half-machine frankensteinian entity of Phlegm Gadget, taking from both the oldest influences of grunge and after John Zorn and Boredoms, and injecting recent influences of new grindcore and death metal, tied together in a box that can only be described as the eccentric Vaughn-complex, performing pieces originating from his graphic scores, with the help of collaborator-performers Justin Kleinsasser (formally of metalcore bands FHF and Eternal Abyss) on vocals and electronics, Dallas Kruszelnicki aka Greenmist on electric guitar, and Will Kaufhold (currently of The Friends Electric and Feral Children, formally of No Birds and Skeletons) on Violin, Synthesizer and sharing drumming duties with Vaughn.


Visuals by Jon Vaughn.

11:30 pm


Catdad have risen quickly in the last 2 years to being one of Saskatoon’s greasiest and rawest rock ‘n’ roll bands with early black metal/punk influences as well as being well versed in psychedelic, experimental and noise music, its members having performed in different bands such as Motehf, Lion Stab and Dandelion Dig Squad. Led by David Whiteway on vocals and guitar, Whiteway’s vocal sound is wretched and coarse, evoking the spirit of an angry vulture or an evil witch – it’s a true pleasure! Backed on drums is the talented and productive Peter Grier also known for his solo singer/songwriter project Caves. Alex Deighton lays down a smooth and solid bass in contrast, while Stephen Cooley on lead guitar shreds away often maniacally with his passionate art-metal stylings that round out the band making them truly exciting and an important contribution to Jolly Jamz!

Visuals by Leeane Berger.

12:15 am

*_~Waveracer 64 vs. Booji Bomb~_*

Waveracer 64 is the main alias for dj/producer Liam Anthony Hart. Active for a number of years promoting, organizing and performing at various independently produced events such as the Sweet Show series, and playing a handful of Pop Quiz Party Jams. Liam is a champion of a happy and sometimes dorky electro sound, being inspired just as much by Kevin Saunderson then as by Lucky Dragons, his aesthetic is wholesome and fun-loving, perfect for any house party or club night! Before Waveracer 64 established his identity, he was one half of the duo Unikron-On (with Jeremy Kiss) who also went on to establish his own solo project called Booji Bomb. If cheesy video game music could be lyrical, poetic, and avant-garde, it would sound like Booji Bomb. Kiss is a brilliant melodist, who puts the Bach back into Bass! For Jolly Jamz they are re-uniting in a live tag contrasting their unique and distinct visions with the intent to compliment each other’s range of dynamics. After multiple performances at Pop Quiz Party Jamz and other cool shows, both Waveracer 64 and Booji Bomb are slated for their debut EPs on Pop Quiz in 2011!


Visuals by Carrie Gates.

1:00 am


Submit aka Nathan Steadman from Regina returns for a long-awaited set of original tunes and remixes. Well known for his much celebrated ep “That Which Came B4”, ( on Pop Quiz from 2005, after a long hiatus and journey almost to the brink of death he returns to production and is ready to unleash a fury of fresh bombs that explore the worlds of minimal techno and tech-house with loads of cutups, sampling and remixing that will convince all of his brave, original and personal style of dance music. Pop Quiz is very delighted and excited for this performance so make a special note this is one not to be missed!!!


Visuals by Carrie Gates.

2:00 am

*_~Dreamaniac vs. Stimmy the Whale vs. Chicago Heights vs. Excalibur~_*

And finally a set for everyone to really let loose and officially blow off all their steam. The Pop Quiz Party Jam wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a solid and massive four to the floor techno and dubstep tag from the resident DJs. Two hours of the best tracks of 2010 and a glimpse into the freshest sounds that will be dropped in 2011. Dreamaniac aka Jon Vaughn aka Pop Quiz label manager will be dropping his signature sick and deadly techno bombs, matched by slammin metallically sharp and as fat and hot as lava dubstep/funky/bass tunes next to Stimmy the Whale aka Tim Jahnke, long time dj peer of Dreamaniac, providing the illest grimey 2step and funky techno, right by Chicago Heights aka Jesse Mulligan-Hopper from the Unutterable who loves anything with “disgusting bass”, and of course Excalibur aka Cal Lakevold, a shining hero on the dance floor and chivalrous knight on the decks, who will bring his own brand of acidic techno and house and idm-y dubstep favourites. If getting lost in the groove and hot dance floor action is your thing then this a set especially for you!


Visuals by Carrie Gates

4:00 am

*_~DJ Evil~_*

As the after hours session really begins, DJ Evil aka Cam Watson takes the stage. Pop Quiz is happy to invite the organizer of Up All Night Saturdays for a special techno/tech-house set to keep the party going till sunrise.

5:00 am


Claiming sunrise is Pop Quiz favourite Mehta, once known as Freude, to designate a specific techno identity, however, now it becomes less functional as techno and house music have Mehta’s musical focus. Mehta has been known for providing classic moments to Pop Quiz Party Jams and other shows with his seemingly endless flow of original productions, each one bursting with warmth and devotion filling the heart of every dance floor with love and admiration. The perfect come down to those of us who will be hardcore enough to still be rockin’, Mehta is the true champion of the minimal trance aesthetic, a sound and dream that Pop Quiz holds with great esteem and affection. A perfect way to end the show!



*_~Carrie Gates~_*

Carrie Gates has been VJing for the better part of the first decade of the 2000s but has been involved in countless raves and experimental music parties since the mid 90s. Whether providing the backbone of organization and promotion to an event or being the life of the party, Carrie has played a huge role in the arts and music scene of Saskatoon and continues to perform all over the world in places such as Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. She has also curated group shows, concerts, group residencies, and exhibited her video and installation work a numerous galleries and temporary autonomous zones. It is an honour for Pop Quiz to receive her artistic contributions. For Jolly Jamz, Gates has prepared a plethora of exciting digital visuals, both themed to the holiday season and imaginatively juxtaposed or breaking from that, always with a very cool and deconstructed look. Check out her mad styles during Waveracer 64 vs Booji Bomb, Submit and the Dreamaniac-Stimmy-Chicago Heights-Excalibur tag!!


*_~Leeane Berger~_*

Leeane Berger is VJ and multi-media artist based out of Saskatoon. She has performed at various galleries and festivals in Canada and the United States and continues to make both vj mixes and visual art pieces. Her work is inspired by noise rock and experimental music, and this can be seen her very individual detailed, textured, cut up and colourful style. Check out her visuals during Castle If, Unutterable and Catdad!


*_~Jon Vaughn~_*

Not well known as a video jockey, but often finding himself in that role albeit often uncredited, Vaughn has actually provided visuals for many events from raves to noise shows. Always on vhs, and sometimes totally glitched and mangled, and other times nicely edited and paced, Vaughn collages scenes from his gigantic movie collection, often showing clips of incredibly rare horror, sci fi and fantasy films, as well as injecting bits of his own low-tech stop-motion animation and mysterious found footage and other strange things he finds that can be recorded onto vhs. Check out his visuals for Grey Owl, Greenmist and Phlegm Gadget!


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