J + C Feedback Factory - In The Mix - no-input a/v still

J + C Feedback Factory – Video #3 for “In The Mix”, Toronto

This collaboration between Jon Vaughn (audio) and Carrie Gates (video) is an intimate, yet risky, dynamic, and colourful presentation of live video and audio mixing using “no-input” techniques. The audio and video are created live, without using any external sources, such as cameras, microphones, or source tapes and CDs. The audio and video affect one another in surprising ways, but the intensity of the matrices of the complex feedback system are carefully controlled through delicate physical interactions with the machines. Aesthetically, the work pulsates with both human warmth and mechanical error-surfing, creating a sort of psychedelic, synaesthetic effect that hypnotizes viewers in a new world of relationships that are at once alien, but also suggestive of the secret micro-world of electricity and its fluid interactions behind everyday phenomena.

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