Holzkopf + Shawna McLellen, Castle If + Carrie Gates, VYXSYMS, Greenmist, Knar @ Jale/Caffe Sola, Friday June 18, Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Design by Jon Vaughn

Holzkopf + Shawna McLellen, Castle If + Carrie Gates, VYXSYMS, Greenmist, Knar @ Jale/Caffe Sola, Friday June 18, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Friday, June 18th
38 23rd St E, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
doors 8pm / show 9pm

Holzkopf (Vancouver, BC)


“I want to make music that sounds like it’s running as fast as it can away from the end of the world. Like it’s trying desperately to grab onto anything old, tried and true, in order to slow down as much as possible before hitting the wall at the end of the road. Savoring every last moment. Taking long breaths.” Add to that direction segments of melodic strings being pushed between walls of mid-range noise and clumsy rhythms. Bits of clunky guitar inspired by cold beer and sunny days pop up, and then always more noise and more interruptions. Sorry…”

Shawna McLellan (Vanoucver, BC)


Multi-media artist and designer from Vancouver, BC. More details tba!



VYXSYMS is a collaboration between Jon Vaughn, Will Kaufhold, and Mehta Youngs. It focuses on the dialogue between organic, analogue, and digital sound production, in particular how these contrasting methods can simultaneously mimic and contradict each other. Expressed in both the form of mutated futuristic experimental jams and in ambient pop/kraut songs combining harsh textures, ethereal vocals and metallic thick bass.

Castle If


Jess Forrest aka Castle If makes ambient music inspired by european electro-pop, or gloomy 70s influenced disco, inspired by NOISE.

VJ Carrie Gates



Hypnotizing juxtapositions of intricate glitchery and bent reality abound when VJ Carrie Gates casts her video mixing spell. Combining hand shot footage of experimental sensual delights with a wide variety of digitally created and manipulated custom material, Carrie’s style is distinctive, edgy, and tantalizing. She investigates problems of performativity and the abstraction of eros through a moving collage of fantasy scenes intermingled with digital imagery reflecting on desire, violence, and tension in a world of disembodied technological communication.

Green Mist


Just like a zombie’s neverending thirst for brains, Greenmist aka Dallas has blasted eardrums across the world with his timeless weirdo harsh noise, releasing on tons of labels, almost exclusively on tapes, always keeping it real.!! Saskatoon is fortunate to be bestowed with his homemade recipe of chunky and dense sound stew!



Once hailed best artist of Saskatoon in a recent internet poll, Brennan “Knar” Hart graces the stage erupting with rainbows and moving with majesty, he is a R0B0-N1NJA that slices and dices the breaks with a razor edge only years and years of electronic meditation can produce!

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