VJing - by 375 Wikipedians - Book Published by Greyscale Press, 2010

VJing by 375 Wikipedians Book from the Wiki Sprint at the Mapping Festival

I was invited to participate in a Wiki Sprint at the Mapping Festival in Geneva last May. VJs and academics from around the world gathered and collaboratively rewrote, sourced, and found open source and freely licensed images for a new Wikipedia page on VJing, which was sorely in need of updated information and overall organization.

We also did a presentation at the Mapping Festival on our work, where we did an audio recording of the Wikipedia page for the hearing impaired. Soon after, our work was turned into a book that was published by Greyscale Press.

You can download VJing by 375 Wikipedians as a PDF here.

Live Presentation and Book Reading

Wiki Sprint @ Mapping Festival 2010 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

Press Release Information

From Greyscale Press, 2010

VJing (by 375 Wikipedians) out in print

Published September 27, 2010

Greyscale Press announces the publication of VJing – by 375 Wikipedians, a paperback reader that reproduces faithfully the article VJing from Wikipedia.org (based upon the revision of July 25th 2010).

This book is the physical outcome of a collective writing workshop that was held in Geneva between May 6th-13th 2010. Taking place in the context of the Mapping Festival, an event dedicated to live audiovisual performance art, this writing-sprint gathered a small but dedicated team of contributors who spent seven days discussing, expanding, translating and improving the Wikipedia article dedicated to the artistic practice of VJing.

For more information, see https://greyscalepress.com/2010/books/vjing/

You can also preview the book on Google Books, and of course, you can read the most up-to-date version of the original article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VJing

An interview about the process of the Wiki-Sprint has been published by the Institute of Network Cultures: https://networkcultures.org/wpmu/cpov/2010/06/29/manuel-schmalstieg-and-the-wiki-sprint

Our press release is available here in PDF format.

VJing by 375 Wikipedians

VJing by 375 Wikipedians


by 375 Wikipedians

August 2010

ISBN 978-2-9700706-0-3

This book is a faithful reproduction of the Wikipedia article “VJing”, based upon the revision of July 25th 2010, last edited by This book was produced as a physical outcome of the “wiki-sprint“, a collaborative writing workshop that was held in May 2010 in the frame of Mapping Festival, Geneva.

The book includes a prologue by Raphael DiLuzio and an introduction by Ana Carvalho. The final editing and layout took place in August 2010 during Hyperactivity, a summer lab at Centre d’art de Neuchâtel.

  • Price: $6.94
  • Format: Paperback, 4.25″ x 6.875″, 122 pages

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Print Version Book Gallery

Wiki Sprint Participants

Ana Carvalho (Portugal)
teacher at University Fernando Pessoa in Porto (Portugal)
editor at VJ Theory
http://www.visual-agency.net / http://www.vjtheory.net

Tom Bassford (UK)
video artist and VJ

Carrie Gates (Canada)
VJ and media technician at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Raphael Di Luzio (USA)
Associate Professor of New Media at the University of Maine

Carole Thibaud (France)
Artist and VJ

Online Participants

Xárene Eskandar (USA)
Editor of vE-jA: Art and Technology of Live Audio/Video (h4 San Francisco, 2006)
PhD student at University of California, Santa Barbara

Elsa Vieira (Portugal/Czech Republic)
video artist and VJ
founder of roguewaves, global arts exchange
http://monkeyfishfilms.net / http://roguewaves.net

Alex Berry (USA)

artist and VJ

Kenneth Feinstein (Singapore)
multimedia artist and theorist

Workshop Facilitator

Manuel Schmalstieg
artist, programmer, designer and educator

Media Relations

[email protected]

Behind the Scenes at the Wiki Sprint 2010

Wiki Sprint Sticky Note Timeline of VJing History – Geneva 2010 from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.



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