Digital Lifehacks 101: Digital Organization and Productivity Strategies

This workshop is currently being offered and can be tailored to benefit individuals and organizations from any background. I can also provide professional meeting space when this workshop is booked for 6-10 people. Please contact me to book this workshop or to have me answer any questions you may have.

This workshop was taught at Paved Arts in Saskatoon in 2015 and was very successful with the participants. The workshop was filled over the expected attendance and several participants stayed well after the workshop was over to ask additional questions. Please see the workshop writeup on the Paved Arts website.


Do file management systems, folder naming conventions, and digital storage strategies make you shudder? Have you ever wondered how to make digital collaboration with other people easier? Curious about how things like cloud based storage work? Simply want to be more productive with your time on your computer? Then this is the workshop for you!

We all know that sometimes the organizational side of computing is a low priority when doing your day to day work. However, your productivity is greatly affected by your organizational skills. Your organizational skills could also be a life saver if you ever have a hard drive fail you or lose your computer. In this unique workshop, Carrie Gates will teach you how to organize your digital life so that you can manage your media and elevate your career with a minimum of stress, so that you can focus on your work with efficiency and peace of mind.

At the end of this 2-3 hour workshop, participants will have access to a Q & A session with Carrie about their own specific topics of interest. This workshop can be followed up at a later date with a session on topics like social media management, SEO, online security, and other subjects defined by the workshop participants’ needs.