DAT Electronic Music Conference 2016

DAT Electronic Music Conference with Carrie Gates

The DAT Electronic Music Conference in Missoula, Montana has asked me to perform at their third annual event and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The lineup is AMAZING!! Great job on the lineup, Tara Emery!

I ended up playing a live improvised set with Raica from Seattle and I’m really pleased with how it went. Raica’s music is really good and we had a very easy flow with one another. I’d definitely be interested in VJing with her again.

Can’t say enough about how phenomenally friendly and cool everyone was out there. A lot of the people involved have worked together before at other festivals, namely Seattle’s Decibel Festival. I felt like I was with a big family who was plotting their next global takeover ;) Of special note, I had a great time hanging with Jerry Abstract, Richard Devine, VJ Brandy Gray, and Ariel ;) I still can’t wipe the smile off of my face :D

Video Documentation

(You can see some of my video performance with Raica at the 0:30 mark!)


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