REFRACTION at TRANSFER Gallery - June 28, 2014

Carrie Gates & YUNG PHARAOH Screened at “REFRACTION” at TRANSFER Gallery in New York

I just finished a new video called “Chlorophillinhale” for Giselle Zatonyl’s REFRACTION show at TRANSFER Gallery in New York. The video features a soundtrack by YUNG PHARAOH (aka Kevin Carey). The lineup for this event is kind of super amazing!


1030 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11211

See the facebook event page

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Join us for REFRACTION, the closing reception for Giselle Zatonyl’s Discrete Systems. Featuring a curated selection of video art works by nine international artists.

Giselle Zatonyl will also be presenting a new work produced during a residency at New York’s Culture Hub, entitled Optimal Health Technologies Institute.

::: Closing Reception ::: SATURDAY June 28 ::: from 7-10PM :::

:: REFRACTION :: presents the work of 10 artists working with time based, digital abstraction. The pieces included tend to manipulate imagery away from immediate recognition, in the manner a wave is refracted by an interfering surface.

:: Featured Artists ::

  • A Bill Miller
  • Carrie Gates
  • Erik H Zepka
  • Eva Papamargariti
  • Faith Holland
  • Giselle Zatonyl
  • Hector Llanquin
  • Mark Pieterson
  • Mattie Hillock
  • V5MT


Discrete Systems is a new body of work, conceived as an immersive multimedia installation for the gallery. Zatonyl models in 3D space, shaping forms whose motion is directed by a series of modified parametric functions. Characteristic traits emerge as these forms evolve. Organic and soothing qualities appear, which in turn shape their environment — a system in which to assimilate.

Zatonyl describes Discrete Systems as “a framework that can be used as an analogy for many situations, but was specifically generated by feelings of entrapment that emerge from consumption and production anxiety… [including] social media, in which indefinite narratives become distilled into simple, digestible content (like hashtags) that exist in a nebulous space framed by a rigid structure of information.

”Entering the exhibition one comes in contact with a number of shimmering blob-like forms, including individual looped moving image (GIF) compositions. These isolated studies ease the viewer into the artist’s larger system. Moving deeper into the space, the rear of the gallery is transformed into an immersive projected-video installation, centered around a sculptural intervention and accompanied by a score produced in collaboration with physicist and composer Ariana van Gelder.


GISELLE ZATONYL (b. 1986, Argentina) is Brooklyn based multi-disciplinary artist and curator. Her work explores new technologies to create immersive digital environments with video and sculpture. Zatonyl moved to the United States in 1999, and received a BFA in Photography and Art History from New World School of Arts in Miami, FL. Since 2008 she has lived and worked in New York City – in 2014 she was awarded a residency at Culture Hub to continue exploration of her interests in systems, mechanisms, interaction and utilizing science and technology in Art.

Zatonyl’s recent curatorial projects include ‘#D’ at the Bronx Art Space (2012) which surveyed physical and virtual works exploring dimension and interactivity, and ‘Conductivity Resistivity’ an immersive 3D browser-based pavilion for The Wrong Biennial. She has exhibited her work internationally, most recently appearing in venues such as the Oude Kerk (Amsterdam) MDC Museum of Art + Design (Miami, FL), White Zinfidel (Brazil), ŠKVER (Croatia), and little berlin (Philadelphia, PA).

::: ESSAY :::

Accompanying the exhibition an essay will be presented by Erik H Zepka (ek rzepka,, an interdisciplinary researcher interested in the intersections of art, science, philosophy, poetry and coincident practices. His multidimensional, polynymic work has been published, presented, and exhibited internationally.


TRANSFER is an exhibition space that explores the friction between digital practice and its physical instantiation. The gallery supports artists working with computer-based practices to realize aggressive installation projects within our walls.

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