Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web

Carrie Gates Screened at Simon Fraser University for “Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web”

My friend Erik Rzepka is doing a talk at the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University called “Technoscience and Participation: Art, Literature and the Social Web” on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013. He will be screening my Pizzabook promo video and the Ectocism video I made with Jon Vaughn.

From the facebook event page:

Technoscience and Participation looks at our current technological moment from the perspective of the everyday user. Using the internet as our model, it explores how artists, writers and citizens inhabit an increasingly accelerated world of things, and invent communal spaces through creation on their networks. By presenting and contextualizing different practices, it hopes to outline a picture of what cultural and artistic engagement can look like in the ultra-mediated environment we live in. Technoscience and Participation is a project of (Erik H Rzepka).

The series will open with a presentation and discussion on the evening of December 11th, offered in conjunction with the University’s Institute for Humanities.

The presentation will take place at the SFU Harbour Centre Campus in Room 2270 (2nd floor up the escalator).

Artists whose work will be featured include:

  • Darya Zorina
  • Giselle Zatonyl
  • Carrie Gates
  • Hector Llanquin
  • Miron Tee
  • Dafna Ganani
  • Aleph Escobedo (w/ Adriana Peralta)
  • Helena Acosta (w/ Violette Bule)

With special presentations by:

  • Organ Armani
  • Paul Wong

Here are my videos that are going to be screened:

Pizzabook turns your facebook into pizza from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

Ectocism – Carrie Gates and Jon Vaughn from Carrie Gates on Vimeo.

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