Carrie Gates by Mitch Posada

3D Glitch Portrait of Carrie Gates Featured in Mitch Posada’s Show “Databending Portraits”

My friend Mitch Posada did a cool 3D glitch portrait of me the other day and it is being featured in his online exhibition at Neverland Space.

Mitch Posada – Databending Portraits

23. May. 2014 – 14. Aug. 2014

See Mitch’s Exhibition


From the exhibition website:

We are proud to announce Mitch Posada‘s latest solo-exhibition featuring a series of digitally altered portraits. Through data manipulation the photograph is distorted by geometrical shapes. While in the tradition of painting the real appearance of the sitter has been impaired by the subjective view of the artists, it is the parameters of the algorithms that shape the generative result. The portrait itself is reflecting on the concept of de-humanisation. The face of the depicted is being transformed into alienated avatars of humanoids. His thought provoking artworks open the discussion for the ethical problems surrounding the convergence of the organic and cybernetic organism.

Here are all of the portraits Mitch made for me:

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